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Welcome to Fooubody

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Welcome to Fooubody

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Fooubody NMN9000 consists of high purity pharmaceutical grade NMN to boost NAD+. Product features
150mg * 60 capsules / bottle
Vegan friendly


Fooubody NMN15000 consists of high purity pharmaceutical grade NMN to boost NAD+.
Product features
150mg * 100 capsules / bottle
Vegan friendly

What we do for you

Fooubody is composed of a multinational team of biomedical and nutritional health care experts, focusing on the latest progress of precision medicine and precision nutrition, carrying out relevant research, and aiming to bring safe, reliable, accurate and efficient health care products and services to global consumers.

NMN is the direct precursor of NAD+.

NAD + is a coenzyme necessary for thousands of biochemical reactions. Recent studies have found that NAD+ decreases with age, which is related to the aging process of cells. Maintaining or increasing the level of NAD + in cells is helpful to delay the aging process of cells. In animal experiments, it was found that the supplement of NMN could effectively increase the intracellular NAD+, prolong the life span of experimental animals, improve the function of aged animals, and delay or even reverse some signs of aging. At present, a few human trials around the world have proved the safety of oral NMN.


Fooubody has set up research centers in the United States, Hongkong and Chinese mainland, and has worked with professional partners around the world to develop new products based on natural plants and environment-friendly synthetic technologies, and build personalized user service systems by using the global natural resources, human resources and R&D infrastructures. Fooubody's products are processed and produced in factories with cGMP or GMP certificates in the United States or Hong Kong according to strict production quality management system, and the world's high-quality safety raw materials are strictly selected to ensure the safety and efficacy of products.

Nova Spivack is the founder of Fooubody and CEO of Magical, a science & technology venture studio in Los Angeles. A prolific inventor, noted futurist, and AI expert, Nova was one of the earliest Web pioneers and helped to build many leading ventures including EarthWeb, The Daily Dot, Klout, and SRI’s venture incubator that launched Siri. Nova flew to the edge of space in 1999 as one of the first space tourists, and was an early space angel-investors. As co-founder and chairman of the nonprofit charity, the Arch Mission Foundation, he leads an international effort to backup planet Earth, with a series of installations (The Billion Year Archive) around the solar system, that comprise the first library in space and the longest-lasting library in human history.

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